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How To Port Mobile Number

Fed-up with your current mobile network? Must know about How To Port Mobile Number to another mobile network operator through SMS in 06 simple steps. Check the rules and process for SIM – Mobile Network Portability available online here in this page.

Experiencing network connection problems with the current network provider is one of the main reasons for Mobile Number Porting. The Mobile Number Portability Service is available in all networks. You can now switch to another network without facing any difficulties in the process whatsoever.

Highlights of Mobile Number Portability:

  • Porting process takes 7-8 working days
  • Generate porting code by sending PORT {your mobile number} to 1900
  • Follow the rules of porting to avoid porting rejections
  • Compare plans and network coverage before choosing new connection

How To Port Mobile Number

Rules For Porting A Mobile Number

         A. 90 Days Same Network Rule:

First of all, it is necessary to spend at least 90 days from the date of activation with the current mobile network. Mobile Number Portability will not be possible if you haven’t crossed 90 days after you have bought the new number or previously ported number.

         B. No Outstanding Postpaid Bills:

If you are a Post-paid subscriber, please ensure that you have paid all the dues as per your last bill. An undertaking form is signed before porting the number.

         C. Balance Amount Will Be Nulled For Prepaid Number:

If you are Pre-paid subscriber, please note that the balance amount of Talktime, if any, at the time of porting will lapse. 

06 Easy Steps To Port Your Mobile Number

To get to know that How to Do a Mobile Number Portability (How To Port Your Mobile Number To Another Network) you are required to go through the following 06 simple and easy steps and implement them in order to Port Phone Number:

  • Step 1: Generate Porting Code
  • Step 2: Receive Porting Code
  • Step 3: Submitting Porting Request
  • Step 4: Processing Time
  • Step 5: Activation
  • Step 6: First Recharge on New Network

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Step 1: Generating Porting Code

First of all, you have to send the SMS from your mobile… Send SMS to 1900 in the following format as given below-

  • PORT space <Your Mobile Number> to 1900
  • For Example: SMS PORT 9123456789 to 1900 

(Note: As ‘PORT’ is not case sensitive so must keep space between port and your number for sending SMS).

Step 2: Receive Porting Code

  • After waiting for few seconds you will get UPC (Unique Porting Code) through SMS from 1901.
  • Then the operator of the will give subscribers 8 digit alpha-numeric code (UPC) and UPC expiry date in MM/DD/YYYY format only to post the mobile network to another.

Step 3: Submit Porting Request

  • Submit your porting application to the operator which can be easily done via online mode or you can visit the nearest operator store.

Documents Required: Valid address and identity proof for digital KYC, at the time of getting SIM cards.

Step 4: Processing Time

  • After document submission, within one or two days, a message will be received at your current network stating a confirmation or decline of porting request.
  • It will also indicate the date and time of porting.

Step 5: Activation

  • Change and start using your new SIM when the old connection stops working.

Step 6: First Recharge on New Network

  • First recharge (in case of prepaid connection) will be done automatically when the porting and activation process is completed.
  • Now you can enjoy the services of New Network with your old number.

Possible Ways of Porting:

  1. Any Postpaid to another Prepaid
  2. Any Prepaid to another Postpaid
  3. Any Prepaid to another Prepaid
  4. Any Postpaid to another Postpaid

How To Do A Mobile Number Portability For Subscribers?

Prepaid Users:

  • First of all, consumer need to contact the new network service provider for whom you want to get your mobile number port.
  • Now you need to full the specified eligibility and other conditions as specified by the network service provider.
  • Get the Customer acquisition Form (CAF) & Porting Form.
  • The eligible customers need to obtain ‘Unique Porting Code’ by sending an SMS from the mobile number you want to port to the number ‘1900’ with text ‘PORT’ followed by space followed by your 10 digit mobile number you want to port.
  • Next is to fill up the CAF and Porting Form.
  • Finally, submit the duly filled Porting Form and CAF along with necessary credentials.

Postpaid User:

  • The postpaid subscriber need to submit a paid copy of the last bill issued with the Porting Form and CAF.
  • Now get the new SIM card from the new mobile network service provider.

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Some Commonly Asked Questions

Ques 1: Can I Port A Disconnected Number?

Ans: If your number was already disconnected and you want to transfer it to another network then you are not allowed for it, as you can port only activated number

Ques 2: Will I Lose Service While My SIM Is Being Ported To Another Mobile Network?


  • If you too have the same query that while porting will you lose the service of calling or texting, then you must not that porting process is designed to minimize the time only so you don’t lose the service till it gets permanently ported.
  • Till you have received your new network with the PAC code, your old network and PAC code will be activated, which means you will receive calls and texts

Ques 3: How Long Does It Takes For Porting A Number From One Operator To Another?

Ans: Generally, the process of porting completes in 7 to 8 working days.

Ques 4: What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Network Porting?

Ans: The main benefits or mobile network portability is you can choose the network you want without losing your current number and enjoy new network service.

Ques 5: Can I port my number if my service is suspended?

Ans: Yes, even if your service has been suspended you still have the rights to port your mobile number and you can easily apply for the same.

Ques 6: Can I Transfer (Port) My Pre- Paid Mobile Phone Number?

Ans: Yes, you can port both pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone numbers.

We hope that now you have got to know How To Port Mobile Number to another mobile network operator. Stay connected with our web portal for cool stuff like this.

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