What Is CIBIL Report? How To Check Credit Report Online

CIBIL Report

The credit payment history and worthiness of individual is specified in the CIBIL Report which is known as credit information report. There are various individuals who do not know how to check credit report online. That’s why this page is specifically designed comprising full details about CIBIL score report.

What Is CIBIL Report?

The CIBIL score is prepared by deriving the details given in the credit history which is found in the credit report. This is one of the major thing which is monitored by various financial institutions and banking organizations prior to the processing of loan or credit application. Through this document, the financial institution gets a good idea about the credit history of individuals through the CIBIL report.

Here, is a complete procedure with the help of which you can check CIBIL report online. The detailed information about the individual’s credit is contained in CIBIL report such as home loan, car loan, overdraft facilities, credit card services, or personal loan taken by individuals. Additionally, it will mention your repayment history of the money borrowed over a period of time.

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What Is CIBIL Report?

The Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) TransUnion Score is a summary of the customer’s credit history which is available in three digit number. On the basis of acquire details in customer’s CIR, CIBIL Score is generated. Credit Information Bureau India Limited Report contains entire details related to the history of credit payment of the customers across various loans and also institutions over a period of time. There is no description of loans, fixed deposits or other investments of the customers in CIBIL Report.

How Many Types of Credit Reports are Available? 

Credit Information Report is available for individuals and it holds credit history and a statistically derived figure which is known as Credit Rating Or Credit Score. Major attributes of a credit information report are listed below, so have a glance!!

  1. Payment History

Individuals can check the credit repayment history of past 3 months including loans or credit card payments with the help of this section. DPD (Days Past Due) shows the number of days by which you delayed a payment.

  1. Current Outstanding Balance

With the help of Current Outstanding Balance, you can acknowledge details of current credit due to be repaid. It shows your actual position in terms of EMI payments, and if you can avail more credit or not.

  1. Enquiries

This section shows the credit score in the recent past and you are noted that a high number of enquiries are a red flag. Latent lenders may view it as desperation for credit, also possibly because you were not a suitable candidate and had to approach multiple lenders.

  1. New Credit Facilities

New Credit Facilities shows your see recent credit sanctions in your name.

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Importance of CIBIL Credit Report

Customers must have knowledge of CIBIL Credit Report as it contains all the details pertaining to your borrowing history and its repayment discipline. We are providing importance of CIBIL Report in following points, so have a look please!!!

CIBIL Report includes past and present credit history.

  • On the basis of CIBIL Report, Banks and FI’s allow loan to a borrower.
  • With the help of Good CIBIL Score,customer’s loans get approved
  • To analyze the CIBIL Report, you can indoctrinate financial discipline.
  • It is helpful for borrowers to avoid the debt trap.
  • To analyze the CIBIL Report, You can stay away from extreme financial leverage.

How To Check CIBIL Report Online?

Individuals can check their CIBIL Report online by following below mentioned hassle free steps!!

Step1: Visit to the CIBIL’s Official Website www.cibil.com

Step 2: Now create your account by using your name and password, email id and mobile number.

Step 3: After this, enter your personal details such as date of birth, identity proof, pan card details, Aadhaar number and hit the appropriate link To Check CIBIL Report Online.

Step 4: Thereafter, you have to verify your details with the help of OTP send to your registered mobile number

Step 5: After entering the details, you need to recheck it and at last hit on “Submit” tab.

Step 6: Your CIBIL Report will be mailed to you or shown at your computer screen.

Usage of CIBIL Credit Reports 

While processing of loan applications, the bank and much financial organization consider the credit history on the basis of CIBIL scores that are mentioned in the CIBIL report. At some point of time, the organization checks the CIBIL report to know the best ways to manage your finances.

Well, CIBIL credit reports have the tendency to impact various aspects of your life. Therefore, it’s very important to have good credit history and the information provided in credit report must be accurate and positive enough to show your good credit history.

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