How To Check CIBIL Score – Know CIBIL Credit Score Online For Free

How To Check CIBIL Score

Often people get confused while knowing How To Check CIBIL Score online for free? Well, the details discussed here about knowing CIBIL credit scores is provided in systematic and simple way.

CIBIL actually means credit information bureau limited which is the first leading company in India which keeps the credit information of individual’s safely and appropriately.

Under this process, the data is collected with the assistance of associate partners including banking members and credit institutions. So, if you are planning to apply for loan in any authorized bank, they are required to check CIBIL score.

You are required to provide your details for payments and borrowings that are concerned with loans and credit cards. The CIBIL authorities collect the data on monthly basis and all the functions are governed by the credit information companies’ regulation act 2005.

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How To Check CIBIL Score Online For Free

  • Find your CIBIL credit score within a few minutes in three simple steps!
  • There is a simple and very useful process by following which you can check your CIBIL credit scores-
  • The first thing you need to choose a suitable subscription plans from below given list.

                   Bi-Annual Subscription – 2 Score Reports (Rs.800)

                   Quarterly Subscription – 4 Score Reports (Rs.1200)

  • Now you need to Enter your PAN, email address, date of birth and select your gender
  • After this, you need to provide the characters that are displayed in the space box.
  • Agree on the icon given as ‘I acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions applicable and available on the site.’
  • Finally press on ‘Proceed to Payment’ option for proper submission of formalities and you will be able to check CIBIL credit scores.

Know How To Check CIBIL Credit Score Online For Free

Now, individuals can get their Credit Report at free of cost easily. Credit bureaus like CIBIL, EQUIFAX, and Experian, directed by Reserve Bank Of India will provide you free credit report, Credit Rating and Credit Score once in a year. Free Credit Report as well as detailed credit analysis report assists you to choose best credit products, suitable for you. Customers can enjoy the service to know CIBIL Credit Score online for free by going through the official website of any of the three bureaus.

For this concern, individuals are required to make requisite payment and provide KYC Documents for CIBIL in order of valid ID Proof. Customers are informed that sometimes, format and language of the Credit Report can be technical and may be you need help to understand and interpreting it. For attaining your Credit Report and understanding your credit situation, you can check CIBIL Score Using Pan Card also.

CIBIL credit score range

Individuals can acquire the entire details related to Good CIBIL Score with the help of below mentioned table which is especially designed for you!!

CIBIL Score Range What is it mean?
750-900 Excellent Score and indicates the healthy financial life of an individual in repaying his credit. You will get loans at competitive price
700-750 Fiar enough but can get loan will less competitive price.
550-700 Low score and indicates delays or irregularities in repayments in the past.
300-500 Lowest score and indicates irregular payment history.


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Factors that affect CIBIL Score

Here we are describing some Factors That Can Affect Your CIBIL Score, so let’s have a look and try to maintain it.

  • Your CIBIL TransUnion Score ranges between 300 and 900.
  • 79% of the Loans approved are for individuals with a score greater than 750.
  • Higher your CIBIL TransUnion Score, higher are your chances of Loan Approval.

How to Improve CIBIL Score?

It totally depends upon your CIBIL credit score that which best loans and deals can be availed. If we talk about India, there are certain banks and NBFC’s which consider your loan application more frequently if your credit scores are good. There are various individuals who are able to make use of best deals in spite they do not have good credit history.

The major reason is that good credit score is attained by them and they get eligible for best deals. The CIBIL Score plays a critical role in the loan application process. There are different measures which can enhance your CIBIL score and out of them few are listed down below.

  • Timely payment of credit card bills
  • Individual must make sure that they have successfully EMI deductions
  • Try to avoid unnecessary expenses and expenditure.
  • You are interested to Apply for a loan or credit card

Customers have been understood the way of “How To Check CIBIL Score – Know CIBIL Credit Score Online For Free” now. If you want to grab ore details in this concern, you may connect with our portal i.e. or directly visit to this Official Link.

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