How To Correct Mistakes In CIBIL Report? Fix Errors & Rectify Report In Simple Steps

How To Correct Mistakes In CIBIL Report

The banks are responsible for preparing your CIBIL report that is prepared on the basis of financial performance of individuals. If you want to know How To Correct CIBIL Report, Then must check the below stated simple process and fix errors & rectify reports in simple steps. Mistakes can be of any type like entering of wrong personal details, account information, wrong account or anything.


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How To Correct CIBIL Report


Types of Errors in CIBIL Report

  • Inaccurate information reflecting on the CIR
  • Defaults on the payment caused either due to :
  • Genuine financial hardship
  • Missed payments on credit cards due to relocation internationally / domestically
  • Missed payments on non-receipt of statement
  • Disputes with the lender on account of charges or annual fees
  • Disputes with the lender on account of fraud


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Steps to Correct the Mistakes in CIBIL report

Follow the below steps process in order to correct the mistakes in CIBIL report-

  • First you need to visit the official website of CIBIL that is and find your online dispute form.
  • Next is to fill up the dispute form in proper way with all important details.
  • Mention your mistakes and errors that you have been founded in your CIBIL report.
  • Now wait for sometimes to verify,the CIBIL authorities will verify your details and errors in proper way.
  • If your disputes come out as true that is the bank has made the real mistakes that affect your score then CIBIL will confirm you through email.
  • Now your issues will get rectified according to the guidelines laid down by CIBIL.
  • Soon, you will get the error free report from CIBIL.


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For more details and information, you may directly contact CIBIL. Below is the complete contact information of CIBIL.

Contact Numbers of CIBIL: 

However, it’s very important for the individuals to have good CIBIL scores. But sometimes, your CIBIL report contains some kinds of mistakes or errors that can be corrected with the help of above stated simple and easy process. I n case, you do not have good CIBIL scores, and then you can improve it so that your name doesn’t get listed in the name of defaulters.


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Name on Defaulter’s list

Well, it’s quiet the tensed matter, when your see your name in the defaulters list. But you can easily remove it with the best assistance of CIBIL. The name on defaulters list can be happen due to three things:

  • Wrong spelling: File a case on CIBIL and it will be sorted by CIBIL itself.
  • Payment dues: You need to ask your bank about the dues clearance to remove your name
  • Unidentified issue: Banks will clarify the details with CIBIL identify the problem. If it does not belong to you your name will be removed.

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