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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I recently updated my phone in oreo but after updating phone i getting problem. I can’t receive any messages from anyone. Please resolve it earlier.

  2. This is my second attempt to reach anyone at Uber who can help me set up an account with our restaurant. We want to have an Uber Elite account with charges going to our credit card that local hotel concierges can call when a guest needs a ride to and from our restaurant.

    Can somebody please respond?

  3. Hello Customer Care service,
    I am in Austria seeking to change my flight from Aug. 10th to an earlier date because of family needs in the United states. I am having difficulty seeing how I can do that. I took out insurance on my flight when I left the states in January. Please contact me at my email below and I will give you any information necessary.
    I would be grateful for any assistance whatsoever as soon as possible. Thank you for considering all of this.
    Carol R. Hranek

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