10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World | Most Popular Tourist Attractions

10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World

Every one of us loves to travel and meet new people, but if you are truly a passionate traveler, you must explore the 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World. Top Holiday Destinations are known for the attractions that have taken world’s gaze.  

We all are stuck in daily routine work and life seems like losing its taste. Besides cherishing the old memories, build new ones by exploring new places with your friends and family. So visit these Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the world and remove the daily boredom of life by doing something adventurous and refreshing.

These Top Holiday Destinations in the World attracts thousands of travelers every month. Find what adds uniqueness in the beauty of these destinations by scrolling down this article which is made after due research.

10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World

Take a look on 10 best holiday destinations in the world, guided below:

1) London (United Kingdom)

According to data, London stood first in the list of top 10 best holiday destination spot in the world. You can explore any destination in London as there’s so much to see and do in London. London is a cultural hub and has history of roman times.

London is the dream city as it inbuilt four World Heritage Sites: Kew gardens, the tower of London, St Margaret’s Church and Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey. London is a cosmopolitan city with mix ingredient of modern trends and historical traditions.

You can enjoy gourmet dinner and drinks along with the curries of the famous Brike lane, including a brilliant assortment of pubs and eateries and indie artisans. This is why London is the top destination to travel.

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2) Paris (France)

Paris, the city of lights and love, gains second place in top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World. Paris, the city of romanticism as Eiffel tower is the reason of so many marriage proposals. Paris, the city of love where loved-up couples laze in its manicured gardens, gets intimate in candlelit wine bars and stroll along the Seine arm-in-arm at sunset.

The trip to Paris is incomplete and half-ended without visiting Chic shops, Village-esque charm and Boho Beauties. City has cultural treasures, stellar shopping and museums galore. Paris combines liveliness and leisure as it offers many things to do in…. Paris is a place one should, must visit!!!!!

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3) Istanbul (Turkey)

Ranked 3rd in Most-Visited Tourist Attractions spots, famous for species and fruits where one can browse according to their need and can explore the grand bazaars, mosques and enjoy the Turkish bath of Istanbul.

One should visit the Grand bazaar of Istanbul, which offers a vast variety of lanterns, patterned carpets, hand painted ceramics and style jewelry and much more which is enough to catch and greed buyers and tourists….

The old city of Istanbul depicts the cultural and historical site of turkeys. The points of attraction are Hagia Sophia (byzantine basilica museum with mosaics), Chora church (museum with Muslim and Christian artwork)and Golden Horn etc.

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4) Marrakech (morocco)

The city with natural beauty, Marrakech (morocco) is a magical place surrounded with gardens, mosques, palaces and markets. It is commonly known as the red city of Marrakesh. The city features the best bars, hotels and shops and offers many things to do on when you decide to visit Marrakech.

Morocco is the home of mosques, palaces, garden and a major economic centre which sells out poetry, jewelry and textiles. The points of interest are El-Badi Palace, Bahia Palace, Majorelle Garden and Jemaa el-Fnaa. These attractions have made Marrakech one of the 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World.

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5) Rome (Italy)

Rome, Italy stood fifth in, 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World. Rome is one of the world’s most fascinating cities in the world with heavy tourist attraction. You will definitely need to see Colosseum, which has built in 80 AD, during the times of the Roman gladiators.

The city is famous for its gelato and pizza, astonishing historic sites and open air market. One should also explore the Hercules statues to watch fountains and water sources, to hear about gory tragedies, to see medieval mosaics or 1930-40s architecture, or to sample food, markets, and wine.

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6) Newyork (united states)

It is a place which you like to visit again and again, a city with historical recreation and preservation which cannot be conquered in one visit. Newyork is restless, energetic city full of joy. The point of interest is Central Park, Empire State Building, and The Metropolitan Museum of art and Statue of Liberty.

In order to taste newyork’s meal, you must visit levain bakery. The best things to do on in United States, newyork include tours, festivals, popular events and free activities. Newyork has taken sixth place in the list of 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World.

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7) Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town is an awesome place to explore urban landscape, natural beauty and wine lands of Cape Town. The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve provides sweeping sea vistas, hiking trails and wildlife encounters.

You should must go and visit Cape Town and explore its magical beauty by visiting lion’s head and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens that had floral kingdom and world herirtage. Don’t miss a visit to the Boomslang (Tree Snake) Walkway, a 128 meter canopy that offers unbelievable views of the gardens and the surrounding southern suburbs.

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8) Ubud (Indonesia)

Ubud stood 8th in the list of 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World.  The town of Ubud is in the uplands of Bali, known for its dance and traditional crafts, located in cool mountains. The Ubud is an ideal place of Balinese massage and it is one of the top spa destinations.

The city is famous for selling its evergreen products such as crafts, antique and woodcarvings. Ubud is a heaven for arts and crafts as, there exists a hundred of stores and shops selling painting, textiles, jewelry and handicrafts. The points of attraction are central uplands, cultural landmarks, majestic age-old royal palaces and ancient temple.

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9) Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, a brilliant city to be exploring known for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping etc. Dubai is a cosmopolitan oasis and a home to the world’s largest dancing fountain; tallest building (Burj Khalifa) and a 7 star hotel.

The point of attraction are dancing fountain, Desert safari, Jumeira beach. You can explore more by enjoying the natural beauty, the largest natural flower garden (the Miracle Garden).  The charming contradiction, Dubai stood ninth in the list of – Most-Visited Tourist Attractions. Now you can easily conclude why Dubai is known to be the top Holiday Destinations in the World.

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10) Sydney (Australia)

It is a city full of happiness, intoxicating sunshine and clear weather. Sydney is a famous harbor city and capital of New South Wales.theres fun around in every corner of Sydney as as assuming vacation destination with millions of visitors come each year to see the iconic Sydney opera house and darling harbor.

The point of attraction are Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor ,Bondi Beach, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Harbor Bridge and many more things to be do one that dint explore once.

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Well, once you visit these awesome and brilliant destinations, you want and greed to go back again. As these top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in the World are ready to pamper their visitors with their never ending beauty and give you a doze of happiness and unforgettable beautiful memories!!!!!!! For more cool facts, stay in touch with us through our web portal i.e., customer-carenumber.com

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