How To Complain About A Travel Company | Holiday Booking Complain Process

How To Complain About A Travel Company

Does your travel agent have misguided you? or you want to file a complaint against a travel company you have booked a holiday with? Well, before taking any action check out the complete complaint process representing How To Complain About A Travel Company.

Today, more and more fraudulent activities are accessing the tourism and travel industry. So before making any holiday booking, make sure the Tourism Company or agent is reliable and have a good image in the market.

If somehow you feel like cheated by a Travel Company or tour operator, it is your duty to file a complaint and get back your money. By filing a complaint, you can also shield other people from getting cheated. So go through this article and find out How To Complain About A Travel Company.

How To Complain About A Travel Company

A complaint is a description of problems and all the process that are to be followed by one in order to resolve it before reaching the point where one has no options left. If any person wants to do a complaint regarding any company then he must be a consumer first. Now it’s time for you to check out the tips on How To Complain About A Travel Company.

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In order to make a complaint, one must need to keep these points in mind:

  • Person must be a consumer first.
  • A person must give a clear one month’s notice in writing to the service provider of the company asking it to resolve the faults and defects.
  • Grievance need to be filed by complainant within 2 years of the cause of action.


The grievance form is to be arranged in a proper format. Here is the simple procedure for filling a complaint form:

  • A person needs to fill an application form for condonation of delay (in case of delay), giving the proper reason for delay and duly affirmed before a notary public.
  • All the details of grievance are to be arranged in chronological order with giving proper reason of claims.
  • Complaint form has to be signed by Complainant.
  • One needs to submit an affidavit and proof that all the contents of grievance are true.

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Where One Should File His Complaint

A person can file his complaint in consumer forum and it depends on relief claimed in the complaint. Here is the amount involved jurisdiction:

Amount Involved Authority Fees (as per the amount)
Up to Rs. 20 Lakh District Consumer Forum Up to Rs. 500
Rs.20 Lakh to Rs. 1 Crore State Consumer Forum Up to Rs. 4000
More than 1 Crore National Consumer Forum Rs. 5000

Procedure Of Payment

A prescribed fee has to be paid by the complainant in the form of demand draft. The demand draft should be in favor of the president of the concerned authority (District, State or National).

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Complain Against The Travel Agent

If you want to file a complaint against a travel agent, you can compose and send to him directly via email or by post. However, if the travel agent was just acting as a mediator between you and the actual service provider like an airline, tour operator, hotel etc, you must check and follow the applicable complaints process, mentioned in the terms and condition of your package.

Don’t Get Cheated

Well, it’s quite tough to get compensation from a tour operator, but if you pretty good claim, it is best to follow the company’s basic complaints process. If somehow your claim is not entertained by the company, you can take the tour operator to the small claims court.

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Use ABTA complaints hub 

Find out whether or not your tour operator is connected with The Travel Association (ABTA). To do so, search for ABTA logo and membership number on your booking documents or visit the official website of ABTA and go through the list of its members.

If in case your tour operator is a member, you can file a complaint by using ABTA online complaints hub. To file a complaint you are required to mention details of your complaint, booking confirmation invoice and your correspondence with the company.

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Make an Atol Claim

Travellers should ask for an Atol certificate before purchasing any package including flight tickets, hotels, car etc. The certificate provides financial protection when you book a holiday package from any tour operator. To make such claim you need to go through the official website of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and download the claim form.

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Make a Credit Card Claim

Those who make payment for their holiday package with credit card, their interest is secured under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. So, to get protection from fraudulent activities or any sort of misled, make payment from credit card.

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