How to Increase Android Battery Life – 9 Tips & Apps to Boost Your Mobile Battery

How to Increase Android Battery Life

How to Increase Android Battery LifeIf you are pissed off with quick battery discharge issue, learn How to Increase Android Battery Life and boost up your mobile battery up to great extent. Here’re 9 tips and trick to fix the problem.

We are experiencing many technical changes in smartphones, but still lacking behind battery longevity. As a user, you can do much to save you phone’s battery life. These tricks are simple and can be implemented by any Android, iOS and Windows users.

What You Can Do To Boost Battery Life?

LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are some widely used features but these features consume lot of phone’s battery, so it’s better to turn off these features when not in use. A number of factors have conspired to reduce this never ending issue of quick battery discharge.

Figure out where battery is going to cost the most. If some apps are not in use then it’s better to uninstall those apps rather than chasing the logos. Try these below presented tips on How to Increase Android Battery Life to extend your phone’s battery life.

How To Increase Android Battery Life

Tips to Boost Your Phones Battery

1. See What Sucking The Battery

Navigate to Settings >Battery to see an organized breakdown of what’s consuming your phone’s battery. Applications and features will put on view in a descending manner in the list of battery hogs. If in case you see an application which you actually use less or a feature you never use, you should uninstall the app or turn off the feature.

Try To Reduce Emailing, Twitter Or Facebook Polling

Set your messaging or chatting apps to “manual” for the polling or refresh frequency, just as a test, and you’ll instantly boost up your device’s battery life by a significant amount.

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Turn Off All Unnecessary Hardware Radios 

GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and lot more features are there in today’s techno phones. These features are important but it’s not necessary that you need all five activated 24 hours. So, keep them off when not in use, because, android keeps running location-based apps in the background, and this results in constant exhaust of the phone’s battery.

Use the Extra Power Saving Mode If You Have It

Many phones have both have Ultra Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes. These features actually limit the phone to texting, phone calls, Web browsing, and Facebook. Use these features to squeeze extra hours or even a day of standby time out of just a few remaining percentage points of battery.

Smartly Remove Apps Running In The Background

From Settings > Apps, swipe to the left; you’ll see a list of apps that are currently running. Tap on each one to see what the functions these apps perform. You can stop any apps that you don’t need running in the background all of the time.

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Figure Out & Dump Unnecessary Home Screen Widgets Or Live Wallpaper

Some apps are just placed on the home screen, apparently they are inactive and it doesn’t denote that they’re not consuming power. This goes for widgets that poll status updates in the background, as well as ones that just placed there but look pretty and animated. So, just remove the ones you don’t use.

Turn Down The Brightness And Turn Off Auto Brightness

By turning down the brightness, you’ll be surprised to see how much this one alone helps to improve battery life.

Must Update your apps

Check for app updates in Google Play by hitting the menu key and going to My Apps, just because many applications are there that often needs to get updated in order to use less battery power, so you should make sure your apps are up to date.

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Keep On Checking The Signal Strength

Well, if in case you are facing low network connectivity, your phone will work extremely hard to get strong signals. You can do much to avoid this, but you can only keep an eye on signal and put the phone on Airplane mode when you don’t need data or voice calls.

So I hope these tips on How to Increase Android Battery Life will be quite helpful for you to boost up your Smartphones batteries. For more interested facts, stay connected with us through our web portal.

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