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Samsung Customer FAQ Support

Here you will find Samsung customer FAQ support details. Samsung users can seek assistance or support from SAMSUNG India Customer Care Number for any trouble they are facing in its products.

For service enquiry of Samsung products you must be having questions in your mind, feel free to post it at Samsung website or Samsung customer care email id.


Samsung Customer FAQ Support


Samsung Account Queries


Ques 1: What is Samsung Account?

Ans: Samsung account helps you to get the benefits of Samsung services available on phone, website, tablets, TVs, personal computers etc. with common signup details.


Ques 2: In what way I can I sign out of my Samsung account?

Ans: For signing out form Samsung account at your smartphone or tablet, you need to follow simple steps-

  • Go to “Settings and choose “Cloud and accounts”
  • Select “Accounts” option and select the option given for removing account.


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Samsung Customer FAQ Support For Samsung Internet


Ques 1: Samsung internet can be installed on which type of devices?

Ans: The Samsung internet can be used in android 5.0 or higher version of Samsung galaxy smartphones. From galaxy apps or play store, you can get Samsung internet.


Ques 2: What is meant by content blockers?

Ans: Content blockers are used in Samsung internet for removing or block the additional content that is available at your browsing screen. At Samsung internet version 4.0 and above, you can use content blockers.


Ques 3: In what way I can set my homepage for Samsung Internet?

Ans: At the home pages go to settings option and select internet option to set your preferred homepage. The alternate way is to long press the home button and set your new home page.


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Samsung Galaxy Apps Questions


Ques 1: How to become a member of Samsung Galaxy Apps

Ans: Add your Samsung account your device to become the member. The already registered users of Samsung account please follow listed below steps-

  • go on your device to Settings
  • Follow the Accounts tab and choose Add account option.
  • Now add your Samsung account and Sign in with your account details


Ques 2: What to do if I am unable to connect to the mobile network?

Ans: In this case, you are suggested to check your network connection and try again or contact Samsung customer care number.


Samsung Themes Queries Asked By Customers


Ques 1: what to do if downloading themes got interrupted or failed?

Ans: First of all, check your internet connection and network settings to freely download the Samsung themes. Moreover, you can download the purchased themes again without paying additional charges.


Ques 2: How To Update Downloaded Themes?

Ans: You can only upload the downloaded themes by selecting the purchase list that is mentioned under the Samsung themes menu and go for update to proceed.


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Samsung Cloud FAQ’s


Ques 1: Where can I search for Samsung Cloud Drive?


  • Go the setting on your home page and select the cloud and accounts option.
  • After this, choose Samsung cloud and drive option.
  • Now you can view the Samsung clod drive given under my files.


Ques 2: What to do if the photos/videos have been deleted synced with Samsung cloud?

Ans: If you delete the photos/videos from my files but still they are showing in the gallery app then you can download them form cloud.


Ques 3: Is it possible to download photos/ videos stored on Samsung Cloud?

Ans: Perform this step- Gallery > Detail View > More > Download


Find My Mobile Questions


Ques 1: How to verify that your device is registered?

Ans: For device verification, you need to sign in to the “find my mobile” website by using your Samsung account. After signing up you will be able to view the registered users list along with the information of their status.


Ques 2: Is it necessary to have Google account for accessing the services of find my mobile?

Ans: Yes, if you have android 4.3 jelly bean or less than that then you need to log in to your Google account.


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That’s all regarding Samsung customer FAQ support; stay tuned with our web portal for informative things like this.


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